Elle & Alix 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Set 19 MM Hypoallergic Good for Skin and Hair



About this item???BREATHABLE & HYPOALLERGENIC?? Silk pillowcases are all made of 100% natural silk, silk fabric has 18 kinds of Amino acids that are believed to effectively stimulate your skin cells’ metabolism, silk pillowcase can help your skin maintain its natural moisture, great for anti-aging! Silk??s hypoallergenic properties include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold, in addition to many other allergens, perfect for those with sensitive skin!???ULTRA SOFT & SMOOTH?? Silk’s natural fiber and tight weave allow the skin and hair to slide over the pillowcase very gently and freely, it creates less friction between your hair&skin and the silk pillowcase, helps reducing facial wrinkles, preventing dry/ knotted hair and reduce hair loss. Silk pillowcases never conduct static electricity or attract dust mites, it’s the most natural anti sleep-crease and anti bed-head product.???NATURAL TEMPERATURE REGULATOR?? Pure mulberry silk is a natural temperature regulator which is skin-friendly and moisture to help feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Sleep on silk pillowcases, you will sleep well overnight and enjoy sweet dreams.???HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY?? Package include 1-Pack silk pillowcase(gift packaged)! We recommend buying 2 or more, not only for backup use when you washed the another one, but also for a great gift choice!


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