gfcrgaf Personalized Custom Pillow Photo Pillow Luminous Pillow Double-Sided Custom



HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: Thick texture, not easy to deform, wear-resistant, comfortable and breathable, antistatic, satin fabric weaving process is more complex, it has a smooth surface and soft texture, good breathability, good feel, and printed photos are very clear. PRINTING PROCESS: Fine sewing process, the pattern is printed by thermal transfer process, the color is bright and realistic, the layer is rich and thin, the line is uniform and fine without leakage. INVISIBLE ZIPPER DESIGN: High-quality invisible zipper, smooth pull, beautiful and firm. CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC: Independent pillow, cushion with zip, can be removed for washing, convenient and simple! Note: The square pillow will simply cut the picture and select high-resolution photos as much as possible before selecting the picture, so as to achieve the ideal finished effect (if the picture size is ??119.9919.99KB (less than or equal to), please consult customer service if it is needed).


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